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These are some basic templates we can ajust to suit your needs and be used in your own interactive website. These are just some free html-samples, anything is possible. Just ask.

  • Bigg HTML
    This template is used for sites who post a lot of article-like content
  • Grey ropes
    Ideal for more static site, who can devide its content in three main pilars (2 or 4 will also work). There is a (small) main banner for teasing images or banners.
  • Headphones
    Similar to the Grey ropes - design, but with a more visible menu and the possibility to add articles on the front page.
  • Photostyle
    In this design, the main focus is the hugh image slide that returns on every page. It is possible to place the same set of pictures on every page, or a different set on every page. Possibilities are endless.
  • Quality
    A simple and clear 2-way devided design. Fully responsive.
  • Stones
    Main focus in this template design, is the hugh banner. However, there is also little room for lists, action buttons, static content and articles on the frontpage.
  • Wood
    Last but not least, Wood provides more balance between the content and the large banner. On the side, lists or action buttons can be placed. Below the banner, there is room for articles or static content.

Templates hier worden bij wijze van voorbeeld getoond. Voor het implementeren van een gekozen template wordt opnieuw begonnen met een leeg design voor een Drupal-framework. Deze templates worden dus nergens verwerkt tot het gevraagde design. Weergegeven templates werden geleend van de site