Creativity is an ocean of possibilities Notions on steady waves of freedom From the sprout of a thought till a tree of knowledge Tremors in sound as harmonic waves of ideas


CS-studio is not a company

CS-studio is an artist and not a company. Designs made by this artist will be charged by who is licensed to do so.


Designs made by CS-studio are copyright by nature. They are only allowed to be used for other purposes when CS-studio as given written approval. For most designs, no charge will be asked if one would consider to re-use them. CS-studio can insist that its name must appear clearly visible on the bottom right of the design or on the sponsorlist of an event. Anyway, you better ask before I'll have to go all legal on your ass. Nobody profits from that sh*t.

General workprocess

Every design is made with the client. This means that the client has a say in every step of the designing process. There is an open method of communicating and multiple meeting moments help to create a better bond between the client and the artist.
It is also between these two people that the terms of the collaboration are made. Duration, price, printed matter, possession of the designrights, details are all up for discussion.

And then this;

  • No animals were harmed in the creating of this site (nor in the sites created by CS-studio)
  • There are no unauthorised additives used in any design created by CS-studio
  • If CS-studio would win a price, wishing for World Peace might be added in the victory-speech.
  • For everyone who wants to know, CS stands for "Creative Seriema" which is a totem name
  • Last an not least, the best thing you can do, is have faith in Dennis. He will not let you down!